My photographic research typically focuses on topics that are inherently connected to what makes us human, but that are also inherently invisible, such as science, truth and faith. Paradoxically, I use the visual medium of photography to connect these opposites; I aim to photograph the invisible.

Growing up in a Christian family, the notion of the supernatural was never far away, and it still never is. On one hand I have faith in this invisible Person, while on the other hand I have chosen a medium that ties me to only that what is visible. I have decided to embrace, explore and expand that paradox, and to find God in the midst of it. Faith is both mysterious and down to earth at the same time, and the sacred can be found very much in our daily life.

I am a firm believer in questioning and doubting that which we believe to be true, whether that is the presence of God or His absence, and whether we rely on faith or on science as our fundament of truth. Those last two are both partially rooted in our desire to understand life, and I believe that both science and faith go hand in hand. Regardless of the outcome, questioning our beliefs leads to more understanding of the world around us, and most importantly, the people in it.

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